Thursday, April 22, 2010

5 Months!!

For some reason I always post this a day late...hmm better work on that :0) My baby turned 5 months yesterday. He is such a blessing in my life and I just couldn't imagine life without him now that he is here. Everyday I wake up to a happy, healthy smiling little boy and I thank God for blessing me with that. I love being a mom. I love everything about it. The no sleep, the crying, the poopy diapers, the clingyness, the rocking, the singing, the dancing around cooky to make him smile, packing diaper bags, and my list goes on lol I just LOVE being a mom and I LOVE taking care of Anden. I do have a attachment issue Im gonna have to work on. The grandma's are getting anxious about watching him and him spending the night, but even though Aubrey cut the cord at birth, I believe its still attached somewhere haha I can't help it. I know its good for them to be away from us and I enjoy having 5 min of just "me" time, but I just feel so lost without him. Like I am bored haha . He keeps me company and we hang together lol I always have somebody with me and he just loooves me soo much and that feeling alone is just heart swelling. When he reaches for me and when he wakes up he just wants to cuddle and I just soak up every minute of it!! I love that kid ssiighh lol
5 month milestones!!
1. You wear 6-9 month clothes now. You wear a size smaller in shorts or pants because bless your heart you take after your momma being short lol
2. You started eating rice cereal and you love it! We mix it with fruit now and you just gobble it right up:) Your favorite fruit is peaches:)
3. You are also on Stage 1 baby food. You eat carrots, squash, sweet peas, sweet potatoes, green beans, and fruits ,such as, peaches, bananas, pears, applesauce, prunes. You HATE peas and green beans so you give momma a hard time when eating those. Your favorites are peaches and squash, and sweet potatoes but your ALL time favorite veggie is carrots! You LOOVE them!
4. You weigh 20.2 lbs and are 25 1/4 inches long
5. You wear size 3 diapers...Your a big boy:) but I love every roll of you!
6. You sit up all by yourself now! Yay! You still have to work on balancing but you will get the hang of it soon!
7. You are starting to want to play with your toys now. I can sit you in the floor and you will smack and rattle and chew on all your toys. Its fun just to sit and watch you play. No wonder I get nothing done!
8. You reach for people to pick you up now. I love this:) Its too sweet!
9. You love to bounce in your jumperoo! You could bounce in that thing all day long if I'd let you lol You go wild in it!
10. You roll over from your belly to back and you almost roll from your back to belly! It won't be long!
11. You love going strolling with mommy. I will go walking and you will just sit and your stroller and look and your as content as can be!
12. You love bathtime and your starting to splash around and you get a kick out of splashing now!
I could go on and on but these are the highlights:) He learns something new everyday!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Much Needed Update!

OK So I am now really behind on blogging! I told myself I was gonna be a better blogger and update on Anden all the time but my day is almost completely full of things to do with Anden and my Sew Bella orders I rarely have time to sit down for me. Im typing this super super fast because I just know Anden will wake up any second since I have sat down to blog LOL My sweet baby will be 5 months the 21st!!!!!!!!!! Time goes by so fast and he is learning and growing more and more everyday. He sits up now and is getting better at it all the time! He tried to roll over from back to belly and he tries to crawl too! He is eating baby food now and lOOOOVVEESS carrots and peaches haha! Since my last post he has had his first easter! With the help of a friend I made him his first easter basket and filled it with learning toys and rattles! He loves watching his ABC and 123 videos and First words dvd. He just bounces in his jumperoo and laughs and coos. He is the happiest baby!! I could go on and on about how wonderful he is so I better stop lol Have a great rest of the week!