Monday, March 22, 2010

Anden 4 months old!

4 month milestones

1. You are a BIG mommas boy! If I walk out of your sight you pitch a fit for me!
2. When doing belly time, You can raise your upper body up now.
3. You almost roll over from your back to your belly!
4. You have started eating cereal and are up to 8 oz of milk!
5. You weigh 18.6 lbs and wear 6-9 month clothes! Your a Big boy!!
6. You say mamma ALL the time..everyone hears it! I will walk in the room and you go ," Mama!" Its soo precious!
7.You sleep all through the night. You are still in mommy and daddys room, but thats okay :)
8.You LOVE your daddy! Your eyes just brighten up when you see him!
9. You bounce really hard in your jumperoo now and you loove it!
10. You do the motor boat hehe and slobber everywhere!!
11. you are teething big time!! Apparantley your fist tastes soo good lol
12. You can stand up when we hold your arms and you try to take steps!!
13. When you are ready to sleep , you only want your mama to rock you:)
You learn something new everyday so my list could go on and on!!

I love you bug so very much!!

My baby is getting bigger and bigger everyday. each day it seems he does something new or funny! His personality is starting to show! We had his first easter pictures taken saturday for relay for life! He got his pictures made with a real bunny! He was such a good sport!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Sew Bella is back up and running

Check out my Custom Embroidery at I got some new stuff posted and more to coming!!

First St. Patty's Day!

I made Anden the cutest onesie for his St. Patricks day outfit! I just love my bug! Happy 1st st patricks day my little man!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Where have I been??

It has nearly been a month since I've last posted!! Ive never been this bad at blogging, but hey I have a 4 months old who insists I give ALL my attention to him every second of the day so give me a break lol Aubrey and Anden had the crud a couple weeks ago and on top of all that we have just been super busy! Ball season has started back up! I can't wait for the sunshine to come and stay so we can take Anden to the ball park and show him off for the first time!! So exciting! Anden is growing way too fast! He said Mama I swear the other day. I walked in the room and as plain as day he said " Ma..Ma" everybody heard it. It melted my heart!! He tries to talk and roll over from him back to belly so hard! I believe he is gonna do everything early. He is starting to teeth. He knaws on his fists and drools like something crazy! He just feels everyday with so much love and happieness and my heart just bursts with love!! Here are a BUNCH of updated pictures of him! Hopefully I will get back into the groove of things and be a better blogger! Until next time have a great week!