Monday, February 22, 2010

3 months!

This is probably going to be a long post since I have been a terrible blogger here lately! My sweet Anden turned 3 months old yesterday! I cannot believe he is already 3 months! I know I say that everytime but it just goes by so fast! I had to take him to the doctor saturday because he woke up with a dry cough and it scared me so I took him down to the doctor to have him listen to his chest. He tested for RSV and it came back negative thank goodness. He told me to keep him under a vaporizor and give him saline drops in his nose and just let it runs its course. ITS ABSOLUTELY THE WORST FEELING IN THE WORLD TO KNOW YOUR BABY IS SICK AND DOESN'T FEEL GOOD AND YOU CAN'T DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT! All babies want their mommies when they are sick. Anden has been so clingy to me and it breaks my heart to know he feels bad:( I took his 3 month old picture and you can tell he doesn't look like the normal anden :( I pray so hard that he gets better soon!

3 month milestones!

1. You are in size 2 diapers now!
2. You wear 3-6 month clothes and mommy looves dressing you up all the time!
3. You can support your upper body really good now when laying on your belly!
4. you laugh and smile ALL the time( unless your sick :( )
5. You try to talk to mommy and daddy sooo bad!!
6. You weigh around 16 lbs now! You eat 6 oounces every 3 hours.
7. You are starting to try and play with your toys and rattles
8. You are a BIG mommys boy!! and everyone knows it! When I walk into a room its like you try to reach for me so bad! It melts my heart :)
9. You sleep all through the night every night now
10. You love mommy reading to just smile and try to talk to me while Im reading.
11.You have also discovered your hands and you try to eat them all the time hehe


Anden had a very BIG first valentines! Aubrey and I got him a big dog stuffed animal,his nana got him some really cool toys, and his granna went shopping and bought him TONS of new clothes for sizes now and when he is bigger like 12 months because all clothes at the childrens place was 1.97!!! I cant ever say he needs clothes haha

Sorry its been so long since I have updated my blog, hopefully after Anden gets better I can get on here more often! Take care everyone!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

For sale!

These colors are absolutely beautiful together! Makes me feel all "springy" :) This dress is available. The size is 6 months- 12 months. Price is $15.00...ADD YOUR CHILD'S NAME OR INTIALS FREE WITH YOUR FIRST PURCHASE!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

My Babys first laugh!!

Tonight I was playing with Anden and I started to tickle him to make him smile well he surprised me!! He LAUGHED OUT LOUD for the first time!! It was so darn cute!! I had to share with you guys I am one proud momma lol

Monday, February 1, 2010

We had our first family pictures took saturday! I was so excited to finally have some of the family.We went up to my friends chandi's grandparents cabin and took some pictures by the fireplace. We have one or two pictures outside with the snow( I told mom hurry and take the picture so I can get Anden back inside lol) I wanted a few with the snow.

I want to tell you that I did try to put shoes on this kid but some was either too small or too big or he pitched a FIT when I put them on and would just kick them right back off, I did try though! So I told mom just take a picture without them because I do not want him crying in these pictures lol

I loved how these turned out. I am so thankful to have a mom so talented at taking pictures that whenever I need pictures I can count on her to take some beautiful ones! Let me know what you think! Have a good rest of the week!