Friday, January 29, 2010

BIG SNOW 2010!!

I enjoyed the snow so much! I didn't get to get out in it, other than to get some for snow cream, but I haven't seen a snow like this since I was a little girl! I can just see now anden out there rolling around in it and him and daddy throwing snow balls at me lol I can see it now! This was Andens first big snow too. We had a fun day inside spending time with each other. I love being able to be at home and play with my baby all day:)

Anden loves it when we lay in the floor and play and he sometimes doesn't mind me taking his pictures lol He has gotten to where he likes to watch tv now. He watched scooby doo this morning lol I have some learning videos that I am going to start playing for him. Never too young to start learning!

I took anden to the window to let him watch the snow fall and he just smiled and cooed:) This was his first big snow!

love his smile. It makes my heart swell:)

now off to play with daddy and baby! Have a good and safe night! stay warm!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Anden is so loved!

Anden's Pa jeff

The precious stool his nana made for him! she built and painted the whole thing!!!

Anden's aunt mis mis :) ( Aubrey's sister Melissa aka Missy)

hahahahaha I thought this was soooo funny! ( My sister shelby and Anden's Aunt She She lol)

the rock eyebrow lol

Anden's nana ( aubrey's mother Brenda)

one of Anden's pa's lol This is Aubreys daddy "Wade"

Here are a few pictures of Anden with his Grandpas, his nana( aubs mom), his aunts ( missy and shelby). We are having OUR family pictures shot this weekend!! Cannot wait to post them!


I recorded some videos of my little man in action lol he is such a ham:) I sound like a dork talking to him but I cant help myself lol

Anden playing with mommy:)


Anden Wade Green - age 2months

My little Bug lol

I had to post some snap shots I took of Anden because he has grew so much!

Him and that ear lol It cracks me up!

I love my little man:)

2 months already??

My little guy turned 2 months old today! I cannot believe how time has flew! This is gonna be a pretty long post because I have several things to talk about! Anden went for his 2 month checkup today. He has reached all of his 2 month milestones and more! He is growing so much so fast! My little guy has made a new discovery as well!

2 Month Milestones!
12 lbs and 2 oz
22 1/4 inches long

What you are doing at 2 months old:

1. You can lift your head and look around really good now! You are such a nosey little baby :o)

2. When we stick out our tongue you mock us!

3. You love to laugh and smile, especially when mommy and daddy are talking to you:)

4. You try to splash the water during bath time now! It wont be too much longer until you are splashing water out of the tub!

5. You rolled over from your tummy to your back!! doctor says thats amazing to him because most babies do not do that until 4 months!

6. You eat 6 oz of milk every 3-4 hours!

7. You are starting to coo very often now especially when you first wake up! you always wake up in a good mood.

8. You sleep through the night most of the time now! If you do happen to wake up you only wake up once around 5 am.

9. You are a mommas boy for sure! you follow with me with your eyes everywhere I go, and when you want to be picked up you holler at me lol

10. You love going on car rides already! when we put you in your carseat you just smile and coo:)

You are the best baby I could ever had dreamed of having. You fill my life with so much joy more than you could EVER imagine.
Now show every one what you can do!!!!! Mommy is so proud:)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pictures of My Sweet Baby

My mom took these pictures of Anden and I had to hurry and post them because they are too darn cute!! I just love taking pictures of my little man!!


Anden with his Uncle Dylan :)

He better get used to getting his picture made between His granna and I lol

I survived!

Yesterday I survived Anden's closet! I went through all of Anden's clothes and organized his closet. He has outgrew so many of his clothes already! I boxed up 4 bags of clothes. It made me so sad! I really believe that Anden has more clothes than I have had my whole life lol I feel kinda ashamed to post these pictures but its ridiculous of how much clothes this kid has! AND how many shoes he has and on top of that, how many hats and socks does a 6 weeks old baby need?? I LOVE clothes don't get me wrong but I was in awe of all that he had. I am so thankful for everyone who has bought him stuff and I know my baby will never be without clothes. But after seing all that, I'm kinda nervous about having a little girl hahaha

P.s. this is not including all his clothes in his armoir as well !

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My Sweet Baby:D

I just love playing in the floor with him lol he is so funny!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Making Decisions is Hard

I have to admit that having a child wakes you up to alot of things you probably did not ever think about or had to think about. I knew that I needed to eventually go back to school and back to work but I never realized how hard it would be. Aubrey and I both want me to stay home with Anden but I just feel that if I do go back to work that it would give us extra money for one thing, I would feel more secure about us building our house and moving soon, and we would be able to provide for Anden and give him the things that we want to give him.

I mean we could give him those things now it would just be a little bit harder. I know that God will bless us with whatever he feels is best for us and I trust in him to take care of us, it has just got me thinking about things. I had a job oppurtunity come up and I do not know if I should apply and try and get it or not. It is part time and is a good job. The days for sure would be monday from 8-430, fridays 8-5, and saturdays until 12 and if anybody went on vacation it would probably fill in for them. It just makes me cry to think about leaving Anden even if its just 3 days a week!

I feel like he is too young for me to go back to work( he is almost 2 months) but then again the extra money I would bring in we could put back in our savings for whenever we need it. But its like my friend chandi said even if aubrey made double what he makes we could always "use" the extra money, but that we are okay with what we are doing now. And my mom said I shouldn't put a price tag on everything which is true but I am just thinking about Anden.

I just really do not know what would be the best thing. I know we could "use" the extra money but is it really worth leaving Anden for those 3 days? even though it would benefit him too ughhh decisions!!!!!!!!!!!! maybe yall can give me some advice:(  I mean who would want to leave that sweet face lol :(

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Going Stir Crazy:o)

Since it has been 10 degrees for the past few days, Anden and I have been stuck at home. There is only so much cleaning and watching lifetime movies that I can take ha! I absolutely love being at home with Anden, but being at home and not getting out of the house is starting to get to me lol. Anden has been a trooper. He done so good sleeping last night. He only woke up one time! He is a early bird though! He usually wakes up around 6:00 to eat and then we have our playtime in the floor lol He loves our morning playtime. He just smiles and tries to laugh. It is so sweet! I cannot get over how much he looks like Aubrey everyday! He is growing and changing so much TOO fast. Where does the time go? I cannot believe it is already going on 2 months!

I do have some questions that I need you Moms out there to leave me your advice. Anden will be 2 months old the 21st. I am still nursing but I am having to supplement with formula alot more here recently because I am not producing enough to keep up with this little booger.( I am no moo cow, for some reason I do not produce alot of milk lol) He is already eating up to 5 and 1/2 ounces, and he seems to still not be satisfied? I do not want to over feed him especially with me supplementing with formula, I do not want to give him a belly ache. He eats about every 2 hours. Is there any explanation why he eats so much?? 

On another note, lets all go do a snow dance because I really want to see one good snow before summer gets here! Hope all is well and everyone is having a great week. STAY WARM!