Wednesday, September 30, 2009

32 weeks:)

only 7 more to go! I cannot wait until he gets here. I have his nursery done and his bags packed for the hospital lol I cannot wait to meet this precious baby boy!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

New stuff!

Go check it out:)

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Anden is VERY spoiled:o)

I just want to take some time before I go to bed to thank everyone who came to my baby shower. I just loved being able to catch up and see people that I haven't got to in awhile. Thank you for all the wonderful presents everyone got me( well anden lol) and just thanks again for coming. It meant alot to me that you wanted to participate in a day to celebrate my baby:) I am truly blessed with such great friends who care already so much about anden. Thanks again and have a wonderful rest of the week!

Love to all,
Kristin, Aubrey, and Anden

Thursday, September 24, 2009

With a little encouraging from family and friends:)

I am starting "Sew Bella". This is my new custom embroidery shop. I have had a machine( which was a birthday gift from the hubby) since March and have been tinkering around making things for Anden and some family and friends. With alot of encouragement from my family and friends ahemm chandi lol I recently decided to open up an online store to do this so that I will be able to stay at home with the baby when he gets here. I do not sew or make clothes all I do is personalize items that will be featured in my store and of course items you bring to me or have me make for you! You can check out my blog and etsy shop at and thanks have a blessed week! hope to see you at the baby shower saturday!!! it will be fun!
p.s chandi and I both will be up at the autumn street fair on october 3! she does photography as you all have seen my wonderful maternity shots:D and she also makes custom baby slings which are sooo adorable and comfy( which can also be personalized). Along with the baby slings and her pictures she also will have custom made tutus! they are so cute for your child or even your dog! She made harlows tutu for her dog show! Come by booth A29 and A31 to see us! Chandi will have a drawing every hour that day and we also will have gift certificates for the pagent winners!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

My Show Dog, birthday girl, and WICKED!

Yesterday was full of exciting things! Early yesterday morning they had the dog show at the fair. It was the first year I have put Harlow in it and was just so excited about it! I almost didn't put her in it because one of the catagories I wanted to put her in was costume and she didnt have any! Luckily my best friend chandi had been making some tutu's for the autumn street fair and made one small enough for harlow! She will have these for purchase at the autumn street fair also. We both have a booth side by side so come see what we have to offer you! Anyways harlow was the cutest darn ballerina int he world:) We got there and thank goodness she loved all the dogs she was around. The first contest was costume. She got 2nd! I was just so tickled ! The second catagory I put her in was the professional grooming catagory. I always have so many compliments on how white harlow is and how fluffy and pretty she is but had no idea what was about ot happen! She got first place in her catagory! I knew my baby was beautiful but I am a little biast I think:) After the judging was over I was asked to stay and all the first place ribbons in the grooming division was to be judged. SHE AGAIN GOT 1ST PLACE!! She got a rosette ribbon for being the best of class in the Grooming division. I truly felt like a proud momma! lol Her groomer was there and couldn't have been prouder for "baby harlow" as they call her:o) We will be in the paper too! After that I went to a special little girl's 1st birthday! Thats right my baby cousin addison turned one! I cannot believe how time flies! I dont want it to go by fast with my little one:( Her party was done in tinkerbell and chandi and momma made her the cutest tutu to match her tinker bell costume!!! she was adorable! Happy Birthday Addie!! Last night my dad and I headed to Nashville to watch the musical play WICKED! It was ammaazzing! I loved the story and the people had incredible voices! I love muscials! I have watched Phantom of the Opera on Broadway in new york but wicked had it beat by far! I had an awesome saturday! oh also I am 30 weeks pregnant! only 9 more weeks until the baby could be here! getting excited and more tired everyday lol have a blessed rest of the week!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

30 weeks

This saturday I will be 30 weeks( officially). That means only 9 more weeks to go until I can have the baby! This has been one heck of a journey and I know its just gonna get better! Have a blessed week!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


So I went to the doctor today for my regular checkup and the doctor said I have a perfect baby boy! His heart beat was strong and fast he was very active today! Its getting closer for him to be here and I had so many questions so my poor doctor had a lot of answering to do for me today LOL I just love my doctor he answered all my questions with a smile! He said that if everything goes the way it should that he is going to have me come in November 21 to have him! My original due date is the 28th so he said If the baby is good and healthy( and is ready) and Im good that its a GO on the 21st ! I cannot wait for him to be here! I went to the hospitial today and picked up our pre-registration forms and brought them home for aubrey and I to fill out! I was giggling and squeeling the whole time feeling them out LOL I got to fill out the paper for all his birth certificate information and writing his name on it just made me smile super big!!! Well off to bed its been a looong day. Murfreesboro traffic is terrible! oh and to top it off before heading down to my doctor, aubrey and I was sitting in the living room and all of sudden heard a big BOOM, and seen my tahoe jump from side to side. We ran out and come to find out our neighbor's, across the street, car came out of gear and rolled into our tahoe! It only dented the bumper but I was soo thankful because I was fixing to get in the vehicle to grab us a bite to eat. I could have been in the vehicle when it happened or if I had left it would have rolled through our living room! Thank You God for watching over us! Tomorrow is the fair..yaayy for funnel cakes and caramel apples LOL

Monday, September 7, 2009

Part 2 coming soon!

Chandi gave my anxious butt a sneak peak of whats to come! Im so guys really need to get her to do your pictures she is awesome!

A Project I Hope I can keep up with:)

I have always been into scrapbooking but hardly ever find the time to be able to sit down and finish one. I have one of me and aubrey up until right before we got married and then its still unfinished( maybe I will finish that one next). I wanted to do one for anden so why not start it now while I still have two hands huh! I started it by telling about the day I found out I was pregnant, oh what an exciting day that was, and I used my first belly picture which was taken at 8 weeks! The second page talks about my doctors visits and monring sickness and all the things about my pregnancy. The third page has all my belly pictures up until 27 weeks. I will continue to add to it the further along I get. After that I just gotta wait until Anden is here so we can fill those scrapbook pages right up! Hope everyone had a great day off!

Maternity Pictures By Chanikki Imagery!

These are some of my favorites from my photo shoot #1. We had a blast taking these pictures. Chandi ended up jumping in fully clothed trying to retrieve my moms flip flop LOL We shot the second part last saturday. Cannot wait to see them! Thanks again chandi!