Friday, July 31, 2009

SHOW US YOUR LIFE- wedding party, flowers, and ceremony

Aubrey and I got married on November 17, 2007. We have been together a total of 5 and 1/2 years and married for almost two. We chose november because I too LOOVE the fall. I love everything about the fall. The leaves changing colors, the cold weather, the fair( mainly because of the food). I wanted to have a fall wedding and thanks to my mom and many others who were involved I had the wedding of my dreams.

Our brides maids wore floor length satin dress, chocolate in color with accents of burnt orange. Our groomsmen also wore chocolate tuxedos with orange vests. Our bouquets was made with beautiful fall flowers, along with our boutineers and crosages. During our ceremony, we lit a unity candle, which during that time we played a slideshow with our childhood pictures. ( which brought our parents, even the dads, to tears.) Our song playing suring the slide show was, "when I said I do." by clint black and lisa Hartman Black. Other songs played during the wedding were Unchained Melody Sung by Leann Rimes, which was my parents song when they were married,"My Best Friend" by Tim Mcgraw, we had the bridal and bridal party symphony, and after the vows the song by Randy Travis " Forever and Ever Amen."

My brides maids consisted of my family, even though I had tons a friends I included in the wedding, I had my family has my bridesmaids because they have been a part of me all my life. My Matron of Honor was my cousin Misty, I had two maidens of honor, my two sisters, Shelby and Shawna, and As a bridesmaid I had aubrey's sister( who is like my biological sister in my eyes) Melissa . Aubrey had his best friends as his groomsmen. He had two Best men, friends since highschool, Terry and Brian . He had his other two friends that he grew close to playing softball as groomsmen, Justin and Tyler .

Our Ring Barrier was my little brother( yes we are 13 years apart) Dylan . My flower girl who was aubreys cousin, Miss Amy Grace, was escorted by her brother, and dropped fall leaves down the isle instead of petals. We Included the rest of our cousins in the wedding by being table attendants and ushers. Can't Wait until Next Week to show off the reception!


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Shower stuff!

I have been baby crazy since I found out I was pregnant, luckily I have a terrific husband who is just as excited as I am so he doesn't mind lol I had my great, may I say very talented, friend chandi Nunley( check out her work at chanikkiimagery link on my blog)to create some unique baby shower invitations!!

We are going with the jungle theme and I am soooo excited about all the ideas we have for it! We are having a tiki bar hut and ,thanks to chandi and kacen, life size jungle animals everywhere!! hehe Its going to be like walking right into a jungle! I just love it:o) here is what my shower invitations are gonna look like. We may have to do some changes to the writing not sure yet, but I just loooooovvveee them. It even goes with the jungle theme!! Did I say how much I love them lol Thanks so much chandi!! Anden and I really appreciate it :o)

here is a picture of my cake we are having made. :D:D:D

On another note, aren't dad to be's so cute?! Aubrey has already taken on the hands on dad title. He has came straight home from work and even on his lunch break to put anden's crib and changing table together. Everytime he talks about him his eyes just lights up. It truly melts my heart. Am I not one lucky woman or what. He is the greatest:) Have a great night!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

When I first found out I was pregnant I was only 6 weeks pregnant. This pregnancy has went by so fast.I am going on six months! Overall, I thank God for blessing me with a wonderful, life changing, healthy, pregnancy. This experience is truly life changing. I look at everything so differently now. I catch myself thinking about the future more because everything we do now will affect our kids later on. I have started listening to the world around us. Its a sad sad world and I want to do all that I can to make sure we bring our son up in the right ways. Our kids are the next generation. I don't want to leave a mess for them! I want things to be safe for my children! Its so nerve racking! LOL anyways I just wanted to tell everyone that we have decided on a name. We decided to go with ANDEN WADE GREEN. Alot of people liked Ayden, but I got to thinking we wanted something totoally different and ayden is just everywhere now. We fell in love withthe name from the get go and we couldn't get away from it lol. We have started on the nursery! We got it painted, its a faux flower blue. We got our all star bedding for our little all star! We even got our furniture! All we have left to do is put the crib together and hang up decorations! Brandie I will be getting in contact with you soon!:):) Well Im gonna go work on the nursery. Pictures to come!

Friday, July 24, 2009

Show Us Your Life- This Week is Your Wedding Dress

I got this idea from checking out brandie's blog and thought it would be a lot of fun! Yesterday was show us your wedding dress day! (Remember next week is show us your wedding party and flowers.)Hey Single Girls - join in the fun and show us your DREAM dress!

My Dress was a White Strapless Gown with sequin and diamond accents. The dress tapered around the front to give me more of a shaped figure( My favorite part:) It then flared out with a gorgeous 6 foot train! I knew it was the dress the minute I tried it on! It just put all the other dresses I had in mind to shame!

The Happy Couple

My veil was long and had a satin trim. My diamond tiara added the extra touch. I truly felt like cinderella on my wedding day.

My New Family!

You May Kiss Your Bride! ( and the lived happily ever after!)

Add your link!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Love Ya Award

My Great friend Chandi Nunley nominated me with this love ya blogger award! I just love this girl:) I nominate:

Brandie Mansfield

Leanne Grissom

Hailey Dishman

Tiffany West

Tiffany Sadlon

Chanikki Imagery

This IS my happy face:) lol

I just wanted to post this real quick and its not toward anybody in paticular, but if you do not like hearing about my baby then do not look at my blog and do not ask me about the baby. If I send things to you on my phone about the baby tell me instead of others and I will not do it anymore. I can't help but wonder why people have to say ugly things about their "friends" when they are going through something as special as having a baby. True friends would have kinder spirits and not try to bring their friends down. I talk about my baby just like every mom to be and moms talk about their babies. ITS NORMAL. There would be something really wrong if I never wanted to talk about my baby.This is the happiest time in my life, and my true friends would understand and be happy with me. Sorry to post this for all who do care and enjoy hearing updates on the baby. May I remind everyone that this is MY family blog and it is about MY family. Post pictures soon of the nursery!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Great weekend full of excitement, love, and Kindness:)

State Champions!!!

This weekend has been great. We have everything ready to start decorating our nursery. We picked out our bedding and it has came in , paint, almost picked out our crib lol, and I am so anxious to get started. Yesterday at 6 am. aubrey and his softball team headed to nashville for state championships. Although we had to leave out so early, I love it when we can get away and spend time doing the things we love. Aub and his team won the championship and was titled STATE CHAMPIONS! They didn't loose a game at all! Aubrey got the All Tourney award, which is given to the most outstanding players! I was so proud of him! I also in between games got to go to babies r us and shop!:) We got back home around 2 am! We was so worn out!

I checked our mail today and recieved a package from my great friend Tara! This girl brought tears to my eyes lol In my package I got a Card, a sweet note, and a onesie. This is the sweetest thing someone has done for us. The Card read on the inside," You are in for one exciting ride" Congrats from Travis, Tara, and Carter.

Her note she wrote really hit the tear button lol It said,"I came across this onesie at walmart just before you found out you were pregnant and I couldn't pass it up. I was going to hold on to it until the time was right:) xoxo

The onesie read,"Worth The Wait." I just cried. Aubrey and I had been trying for a year to have a baby before we found out I was pregnant. I often questioned God why I couldn't get pregnant. I was always so sad when I seen babies at walmart with their mom and dad, or see them on baby story lol because I didn't understand why I couldn't have what everyone else had, a baby. I knew aubrey and I would be great parents. We love each other so much, we go to church and have God in our lives, and we could give a child more love than he could imagine. I didn't understand why wasn't happening. Tara and Travis also had to wait on their miracle as well, so this onesie hit home to both of us. The onesie said it all," Worth The Wait". One thing I have learned is that God has a reason for everything he does. He knew the longer we had to wait for our miracle the more precious and bittersweet it would be. We tend to appreciate things a whole lot more when having to have patience for something we want more than anything. God has finally blessed aubrey and I with a son. Our own child. I have heard through the grapevine that all I talk about is our baby like Its the only baby, but it is our only baby. He is our miracle from God. We have waited so long for this and now it is finally our time to have our miracle we have waited for. There would be something wrong if I didn't talk about our baby like I do. I get choked up everyday thinking about the life thats growing inside of me. Everytime I feel my son kick, a calmness, and motherly feeling comes over me. Its a feeling like no other. I know the feeling is just gonna get stronger and stronger when I meet our son and everyday the rest of his life. Okay I need to stop before I start crying again lol I will post pictures soon of the nursery! Hope everyone has a great week!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Getting ready to tackle the nursery!

I have been very patient over the last 5 months about buying things and as soon as I found out we was having a boy, my mind has been on overload on all that I want to get and do. I feel like I am getting in my nesting stage and I want so badly to get started on the nursery. The night before last we ordered out crib bedding! I was so excited!! We decided to do his nursery in a "sports" theme because aubrey is a sports nut! I have so many cute ideas that we are gonna do and I cannot wait to share them with you! here is out bedding! We ordered this bedding from the baby crib and I just love it. It is so soft and sporty lol I have been shopping around for some vintage baseball items etc. I came across a few that I love!! NOW we just got to get our crib and furniture and then I will be on that nursery! Hope everyone has had a great week! I will be posting soon!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Boy Name for Baby Green

We have narrowed our name down to two names we like. We are having a hard time deciding between the two so I want to see which one you guys like better. Wade is the middle name after aubrey and his dad. We wanted an "A" name so he will have aubrey's initials. Here are the first name choices:

Ayden Wade


Anden Wade

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Post From ChaNikki Imagery! Foward to your friends!

We thought it was about time for another giveaway, so we are having a photo contest and the prize is a 30 minute mini-session and a free 8x10. (Doesn't include proofbook, you can view proofs online and you will have up to 10 proofs to choose from). So here are the rules:

1. Send your picture to my email . Pictures can be of any subject, landscape, etc. We will choose the best three..3rd place gets 3 entries into the drawing, 2nd gets 4 and 1st gets 5 entries. 1ST, 2ND, AND 3RD also get a $10 off regular priced 1 hr. session coupon.

2. You can also get two entries for blogging about our giveaway, and 1 entry each for adding us to your blog roll or following our blog.( if you already follow be sure to comment and let me know you want to enter the drawing)

3.Contest ends July 15th at midnight, and we will draw winner on July 16th. Session will be when I return from vacation after the 27th.


Remember you can have your name entered 9 times if you win 1st, blog about our giveaway, follow us and add us on your blog roll. and 3 even if you dont enter a photo!
( all picture entries and winners are subject to be posted on my blog)

IT'S A BOY!!!!!

We are so estatic!!!!! Now we can go crazy buying boy stuff!!( and yes they misspelled myname lol)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

ChaNikki Imagery!

Chandi Nunley is a great friend of mine and she is exploring through the world of photography, and may I say is absolutely fantastic at capturing photos.I want to give her a blog shout out and would like everyone to view her website. You have got to see some of her work! She has yet to do a wedding and is very very eager to do one, So, since she hasn't done a wedding yet, she has decided she would have a giveaway for $200 credit towards a wedding session Plus 50% off 1 package! If you are planning to get married soon and haven't found a photographer, this is a great opportunity. And if you aren't planning a wedding but know someone who is and you tell them about ChaNikki Imagery, & they book a session with ChaNikki, YOU will also get $10 off a session!! Email her with details of your wedding and she will quote you the cheapest price possible depending upon that. And since this will be her first, she can definately work something good out for you! Wedding packages start at $600 and that includes proofbook with all images but keep in mind they can go up to but will not exceed $800. To enter the drawing, just leave chandi a comment, or email her @ or call 931-607-2594!

I assure you you will be please with her work. She came over today and was showing us some of her pictures and they are just amazing! I cannot wait for her to do some maternity shots of me! Her website is in my links check her out!

Monday, July 6, 2009