Sunday, May 31, 2009

what a beautiful day!

It is such a beautiful day!! I loove weather like this where you can get out and soak up the sun. Of course, I didn't stay out too long because I feel like Im carrying a bowling ball around lol Aubrey and I took harlow down to the park and we ate subway and had a picnic :) After we ate harlow spotted a duck lol she tried her best to chase it...she chased it all the way into the water lol she stayed in the shallow part of the water( we had her on a leash too) and she swam in the river! It cracked me up! We then took her walking down on the greenway. I love spending the day with my hubby and my furry baby lol Oh and ive had a new craving..FREEZER POPS! lol Im like addicted now. I bought a huge pack the other day and I cannot stop eating them. well I hope everyone has a great reast of the day and a great week as well! Wednesday aubrey turns 25!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Doctor's Visit Today!

Today I went back to the doctor for a checkup. They had to run lots of blood work tests today. We turned down the down sydrome testing. The chances for a positive is very high in those testing, and to test for downs they have to stick a needle in your belly and its a high risk for miscarriage. Aubrey and I said no! at once. If it comes out with down syndrome we will love it no matter what, and we don't want to risk our baby's life for no reason! We got to hear the heart beat through the doppler. It was 170 beats per minute! The doctor said that we had one strong healthy baby!! Hearing the heartbeat is so reassuring!we go back june 22nd for another checkup and then july 9th we find out the sex of the baby! so exciting can't wait!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Powerful Love

I don't post a whole lot about aubrey and I here lately because of the baby, but I just have to take a moment and just thank God for the greatest man he could have provided me with. Aubrey is the most amazing man I know. He has been there for me in ways I cannot describe or put into words. I feel like we have grown up in a way together. I was 15 when we met, a sophomore in highschool. He was there when I first drove my car and got my license, he was there when I started my first job, he was there at prom and my highschool AND college graduation. He has been at all the milestones so far in my life. He has watched me accomplish my goals, but I have to give him credit. Anytime I thought I couldn't do something or thought I wasn't good enough he always made sure to encourage me and push me to reach those goals and dreams. He was always telling me that I can do anything I set my mind to. Sometimes I look back and don't know what I would have done without him there pushing me and in a way guiding me. We met in 2004, married in 2007, and now in 2009 we are having our first child. I get goosebumps thinking about how lucky I am and blessed to have someone love me that much. I want to dedicate this song to him because he is the greatest man and husband and soon to be father in the world. I love him , as our saying goes, " More than all the jelly beans in the world."

Life is About the climb

Im not much of a hannah montana fan but I love miley's new song the climb. Even when you think you have reached the top keep on climbing. Life is about reaching for the highest star and keep challenging yourself to do greater things. Reach your goals and don't let the bumps in the road keep you from the climb.

This song gets me everytime!

I cannot wait to be a mom! And I know Aubrey is going to be the best daddy ever! We was both brought up in loving families and if we can give our child the family bonding and love that we experienced I know we will be just fine! Family is inportant to aubrey and I so much and bringing our baby up in church is also very important. At church we had a guy do a testimony on how his grandmother would come pick him up every sunday for church, and that without her doing that he may have never formed the relationship with God like he has today. I want to bring our kids up in church because I want God in our lives and my children's lives. Without God we are nothing! Anyways I love this video enjoy!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My Life Since I have been pregnant

Ever since I found out I was pregnant my life has been a whirlwind. Looking for baby stuff, figuring out space for the baby, hovering the porcelain throne every morning, and napping more, peeing more lol, my life has been full of changes and I know its just going to change and change and get better and better from here on out. I am finally out of school,and I am almost over my morning sickness, so now I can sit back and relax and finally enjoy being pregnant. I have started having cravings subway sandwiches, ceasar salads from applebees, and lemonade slushies are the bomb baby lol..I have found myself not being able to wear my jeans anymore as well. I have had to resort to maternity jeans and sweats already and I know I haven't seen anything yet lol I just love it when I feel little flutters in my tummy. It is such a reassuring feeling when I feel life inside me. Its a feeling that I have waited for for a while and now God has answered my prayers. I have had a blessed week and weekend and I pray that this week is just as great!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

This Pretty Much Sums up my Great Weekend:)


Thursday, May 7, 2009


So tonight I passed my last final!! I passed all my test and classes and will be a proud college Graduate this saturday!! This has been on looooong rode and I am so glad I am done! Well I still have to go through the teaching program but I finally get to graduate with my associates..I plan on going back next fall to do the 2 + 2 program. Cant this fall I will have a little addition to my family. Now that school is over, I can finally focus on my baby and preparing for the greatest gift God could give me!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

This is what our world needs..Your time is now...Be a Hero

Superchick is a christian rockband that I was able to see in concert. One of their songs touched my heart so dramtically and made me truly want to make a difference in my life as well as others. A simple act of kindness or compassion can save someone else's life. You never know that just by smiling at someone or saying HI to someone could make the biggest impact on their life. Today in schools and the world, the violence, the bullying, all the things we try to keep our children safe from they are exposed to everyday. My heart is tender right now. I have so much heartache and sorrow for all the unhappiness in this world. I think back when I was in highschool, there was this girl that everyone teased and picked on. She was over weight and was always by herself. I felt deeply sorry for her so everytime I seen her I would always walk with her to class. One day I came up on her in the hallway crying trying to pick up papers that someone jerked from her and threw on the ground. They had also poured fruit punch all over them as well. I immediately dropped my books and helped her. I took her stuff to the bathroom and helped her clean them off as best as we could. She was crying and said you are the only person that has ever helped me thank you. I still to this day cannot understand how people can be so mean and torment others and still feel good inside, but the truth is, they don't. They are so unhappy with themselves that they think by bringing others down it will make their pain go away. I tell the story of my experience in highschool not to get gratitude, I tell it because WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE, we can be someone's hero, we can stand up for one another, because you never know what that person has going on at home or in their life. I think this song sends a powerful message. Listen and soak up the words. Be a hero, make a difference..Your time is now...

Hero Video (Superchick)

also. Rachel Joy Scott wrote an essay. It brought tears to my eyes. Please Read and join rachel's challenge..

tribute to rachel joy scott

Her story needs to be told.

Tribute to the ones who died during the columbine shooting

Tara's post really brought back the memories of that day. I want to take the time and pay tribute to the students who lost their lives that day.