Wednesday, April 29, 2009

my wounds will be healed..

This will be hard to type because I am only able to use two fingers at the moment. Last night my kitchen caught on fire. I was cooking supper and had a pot of grease getting ready to fry up some chicken. My dogs started howling outside and I was in fear something was wrong so I went to check. I came back in within minutes and there was fire blazing on my stove. You know I always thought I would know what to do in given situations but I proved myself wrong. I panicked. The only thing I could think about was getting my fire blazing pot out of my house. My quick reaction was to grab the pot and run out side with it. I grabbed the burning pot with my bare hands and attempted to take it outside. Fire then spilled all over my hands and feet. I was then screaming in soo much pain i dropped the pot and it slung the fire all over my kitchen rugs. I then immediately grabbed harlow my little maltipoo and jumped over the fire to the outside. I was screaming bloody murder in my yard My HANDS ARE ON FIRE MY HANDS ARE ON FIRE. My husband had went to the store to get butter for me and i barely could dial his number. He pulled up in tears grabbed me put me in the car and went to try to put out the fire. God was watching over both of us because the fire had only spread onto my area rugs and my linoleum. He stomped the fire out and luckily he was not burned in the process and he hopped back in the car and rushed me to the emergency room. He carried me inside where he held me till the brought me back. He told me holding back tears," I have never been so scared in my life, all I could make out on the phone with you was you saying you was on fire." he said I will take care of you I promise and just held me while I was screaming in pain. They took me back and hooked an IV up and I think I cried and begged that woman to not hurt my baby please dont hurt my baby. They had to give me pain medicine but my baby doctor said it was okay the baby was fine. I ended up with second degree burns on my left hand and both feet and my right hand they said was borderline third degree burn. Even though I was in so much pain, a pain that tops all other pains, I couldn't help but hurt for the kids and people who die and are wounded in fires. I know how much pain and agony I was in that I can not even imagine having your whole body covered in fire. The lord was with me the whole time. I was so lucky that the flames when they bursted bigger didnt catch my clothes, my face, or even my hair on fire. Even though Im hurt pretty bad, I am so thankful it wasn't as bad as it could have been. I will be bandaged up for a while so please pray for me and my baby. For future reference, if you dont have salt, baking soda,flour, or another pan to throw on top, just get out of the house asap. Your stuff is just stuff it can be replaced, you cannot. I hope next time if it happenes again I will be more prepared. I am sorry in advance if these pictures are bothersome. This was taken today it actually looks better than what it did last night. My skind is black where it has died but it will heal. God will heal me. Thank you and God bless

Thursday, April 23, 2009

The baby is great but my heart hurts

Well I had my first scare yesterday. I have been really sick so far pregnancy doesn't like me:( Yesterday I developed a really bad migraine, one like I had never had before. I was so sick that I literally had blood come up. I got scared and called my doctor this morning and he got me in right away to check on the baby. The baby is absolutely perfect in every way. I got to see it on the ultrasound and my how big its gotten since the last visit. I got to see its tiny little arm stubs!The heart beat is now 167 beats per minute! Its gotten soooo much faster. Now that I let you in on my baby news, I want to give a minute of my time to the little angels God gained today. My heart just breaks for them and their families. I was thinking as I was looking on the screen at my baby that my life will be forever changed by this child, MY VERY OWN CHILD, that is growing inside of me, and I couldn't bare to see anything happen to him/her. As a parent, starting while the baby is in the womb, you become very protective of your child and its is a horrifying thought to think something could happen to your child. I cannot imagine what these little children's parents are going through. Loosing a child has to be the worst thing a parent has to go through. I pray so hard that God will be with these families and that peace will eventually fill their hearts. They have guardian angels now. May God Bless them. I hope everyone has a fun safe weekend.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

A Grapefruit!

So My mom wanted to start taking belly shots of me because I have a baby bump starting already. This isn't really caused by my baby ( technically) its caused by my uterus expanding to the size of a grapfruit! This causes "bloating". After my mom took this picture of me I was very shocked because my mom said she started showing by this time with all three of her kids. I got to reading my baby book and it explains why you would start showing early. I would have never dreamed lol They said its such a dramatic change because your uterus is usually the size of a kidney bean and it stretches by now to the size of a grapefruit! wow what your body does to hold a baby!


I also love this! It is so adorable! I think I am gonna go with the first one. i looove it!!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

2nd doctor's visit!

I went back to the doctor yesterday and we got to hear the baby's heartbeat! I was in tears! Just hearing that I have a life inside me just gave me this whole new feeling. The heartbeat was 125 beats per minute. My doctor also gave me our very own baby journal! He is the greatest doctor! The people I have told about the heartbeat thinks I am having a boy because a girl's heartbeat is much much faster, so we will see! Let's take a poll. How many of you think I am having a boy or girl?? I'm dying to hear what you think! Day 1 of not being sick, those sea bands really do work! Have a great day everyone!

Monday, April 6, 2009

21 candles..

Sorry I have been a terrible blogger here lately. I have had sooo much going on plus the ugly morning sickness has made its way to me! ugh I hate it. Tomorrow is my 21st birthday so pray that my morning sickness doesn't hit me all day long like it has today! The past couple days I have just woke up nauseated but today everything came unglued! I couldn't keep anything down. I was worried that it would hurt the baby me not be able to eat a whole lot but I was told to keep myself hydrated, take my prenatal pill, and try not to starve( eat low sodium soups and saltine crackers) that I should be okay. PRAY PRAY PRAY that it goes away! On another note I was reading an article about morning sickness and it said 50 percent of women who have nausea that last all day 50 percent of them women are carrying girls:D anyways I go to the doctor wednesday to hear the heart beat. I have been told to bring plenty of tissues lol hope all is well and everyone has a blessed week!