Sunday, September 28, 2008

Kacen Lake Nunley

Picture by Melody Ward Photography

This little boy has opened up my eyes so much and makes me so much more excited to have a little baby of my own. I have learned so much from this little man and his mother:) They have over the past 7 months that I have watched him became more to me than a friend, I consider them family. I love this little boy as if he was my own. Im his "auntie K" :) Chandi is a great mom and I hope to one day be the mom to my child as she is with Kacen. She has taught me so much about how to be a mother, and I admire her more and more each time I keep him. She is a planner! I hope I can as organized as she is! Aubrey and I are hoping for a baby of our own. Keep us in your prayers! Chandi , you and Kacen will always hold a special place in my heart! love you two! Love you KK!!!
Only a little over a month or so to go till Kacen is 1 woohoo chandi we gotta be planning a big shadoo!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Our 1 yr anniversary Sweet Getaway!

Aubrey had told me that he wanted our one year anniversary be everything that I wanted it to be. He told me I cold pick the place, the time, and the stay( in our price range;)! So I chose Gatlinburg because it was on of our first vacations together, and I wanted to go to dollywood! I rented a cabin for us and I am absolutely in love with it! Im so excited so I posted the site its on for you guys to check it out! cant wait thanks for stopping by!

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Thursday, September 25, 2008


our one year anniversary is coming up in november!!! We are taking a vaca and going to gatlinburg. We are going to gatlinburg because it was the first vacation we went on when we first got together. It holds a special place to us, and its lots of fun!! I wanted topost some picture os my beautiful baby girl, my maltipoo harlow riley. She is my "baby" for now lol ( keep us in your prayers, we are praying for a baby.)here are some of my harlow:)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Our Journey

If you know us then you know we are a one of kind couple. We have the same goals, dreams, and aspirations. We are not like most couples at all. Most people comment about how we got married young. Saying, " they are too young for marriage, they do not know the meaning of marriage." here is my answer to that: Why not be married? We are two people who have found love with one another. Love has no age limit. Aubrey and I are two people who have dreamed of falling in love, settling down, and starting a family and a life of our own. Yes, most people our age are out partying their lives away, and being young. Let me say this. There isn't anything that I could do or did before we were married, that I can't do now.Aubrey is a different kind of guy. He loves me and wants what is best for me. he admires me, respects me, and most importantly, he supports me. I have been in college for going on three years now, and anytime I had doubts about myself, he would always do his best to lift me up, and encourage me, and he always let me know that he believed in me. To have someone tell me that they believed in me made me realize that I believed in myself. At our wedding day, my preacher who married us wanted to have a chat with us. he pulled us off to the side and he asked this: Aubrey and Kristin, you are two people that I have watched the past five years grow so much in love with one another. You can tell you two are truely in love by just the way you are with one another. You compliment each other. He turned and looked at aubrey and said," I want to start your ceremony with thoughts that you two have about one another. He said," Aubrey, what makes you love kristin so much that she is the only one for you?" OKay if you know aubrey, he is very shy and doesn't show his emotions alot so I was thinking haha this should be good. He turned to Brother Rex and said, because she encourages me. She makes me want to be a better person. She makes me think about my future, and makes me excited about it! I never knew how deep of love you could have for someone until I met her. okay by this time I was in tears! I couldn't believe what he had just said. I mean I knew he loved me but to hear the impact I made on him and how he really felt about me just is a feeling that I can't hardly find words to describe. Our journey started Feburary 2004. I had seen him before at cheerleading competitions with a old girlfriend of his. I always thought he was very handsome. Its crazy how I never knew that one day he would be my husband! anyways, I had a friend who was a friend of his. Your going to find this story quite amusing. My friend had talked about him, going on about how cute he was and this and that. So I told her let me add him to msn messenger and Ill try to get you two on a So she gave me his address and I added him . he got on and I talked to him for days on the internet.We exchanged numbers but would only text because we was both so shy. We had never met in person. I tried to get them on a date but then she changed her mind and said I think he is too old for me lol So I was like well hey if you don't want him Ill go for him! So we talked for a good two week, and then a girl named tansey talbert passed away. I had went to school with her, and little did I know she was aubrey's cousin. So I went to the funeral and guess who I ran into for the first time, yeah aubrey. He didn't know who I was because he had never seen me in person. So I got up the nerve to go up to him and very nervously I said," hey, I am kristin" and he said hey! we kind of talked a minute and then he said," well I have to go in the other room" and walked off. i was liek great he dont like me lol so that night when I got home I got on the computer. He instantly Im and said I thought you would follow me into the other room. I was like I didn't know you wanted me to I thought you was just trying to get away from me lol he said no I seen my sister and mom coming up and was afraid they would embarrass me lol! I was shew lol he said you are very pretty and I said thank you you are very cute lol So with him being so shy, I said so would you like to hang out sometime or go catch a movie? He said instantly yeah sure how about this friday? and thats how our journey began and we have been together ever since. Its funny how I remember every detail of our first "real" conversation about one another. I also remember the first time we said I love You. (Mind you I was 15 when I met him and he was 19.)We had went bowling with some friends and it was about the end of the night when he was about to take me home. he wanted to take a look at my phone. I instantly was like no! lol How many of you when you was younger would put I love so and so all over your stuff. Well I ahd Kristin Loves Aubrey as my display banner on my phone. I was so worried I would scare him off if he seen it. He asked me about three or more times to see it and I finally said Why should I let you see my phone and he whispered in my ear and says" because you love me" and I just looked at him and smiled and handed over my phone and when he seen it he looked at me with the biggest smile and said I love you too.:) he makes me smile just talking about it. It seems so long ago. Then I look at how far we have come. We are married now! Life is just full of surprises! WellI guess Ill quit for my first post its long enough:)

love, Mrs. Green